Introducing Miranda Evans

Chicago Blonde Independent Escort Miranda Evans

Who am I?

I am a vivacious 29 year old, born and raised in the Midwest. I am not a native of Chicago but am in the Windy City to pursue a doctorate degree in my chosen field. Academia certainly enriches and challenges me but it can leave me feeling a bit stifled. It's a world filled with format and rigidity whereas I have a creativity and sensuality that yearns to blossom.

 In my younger years I was enthralled with movie stars from the Golden Age. Their style and elegance is so alluring. I love that retro glamour! As I grew older, I decided to embrace my femininity and pursue my own personal style influenced by the stars I have adored. While I must attend to my scholarly duties by day, at night I am free to slip on a slinky dress, garters with stockings, and a pair of high heels. My skin silky smooth as well as free of tattoos, my caramel blonde hair expertly coiffed, my nails always freshly manicured.

My philosophy is that while looks capture immediate attention, personality and character are what garner long lasting connections

I am warm and personable, with many interests. Some activities I very much enjoy include attending burlesque performances, collecting vintage tea cups, visiting art museums, reading novels, and attending barre classes to keep my physique in tip top shape.

Transforming myself into a companion appeals to me as I like to perform. I enjoy weaving a fantasy that leaves my audience spellbound. Our time together is a gift, meant to be unwrapped slowly, not rushed hastily.

Why not indulge yourself with me?

(care to indulge me?)

Who Are You?

Well I don't know yet but I certainly will enjoy finding out. I will wager that perhaps you are a sophisticated gentleman with a stressful, time consuming job. You feel that your days consist of the same routines. Life is a little dull, it's the same old, same old. Worldly obligations weigh on your mind. Too much work and not enough play.

You might be looking for that spark, a change from all the rest. You want a reprieve from those stresses, you want to be caught up in something new, something sensuous. You want a reason for your pulse to quicken and your mind to wander. For just awhile you want to be entertained and pampered. 

If this sounds like you, then perhaps you should reach out to me and we can make some magic.

For your consideration...